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After salvation, I lived the lifestyle as a "delilah", a carnal Christian who had no "fruit" because I walked in the ways of the world. After receiving the baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire, my spiritual rebirth name became DEVORA, and I sing for Jesus the Christ, aka Yahshua ha Moshiach, for He is my Lord and my Savior.


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I Surrender ALL (including my house!)

By Devora Clark, 2013-06-23


Going through an "Abraham experience" where God is telling me to sacrifice my "creature comforts" and follow Jesus Christ wherever He may lead me. I've been struggling with this idea of selling my home for almost a year, mostly because I had said when I moved into this house that this would be my retirement home. But in obedience to His call, I put my house on the market in November 2012. The realtor was not very optimistic to find a buyer, considering our economy. But I told her to let God do His will and she considered what I said in faith.

In May 2013, when the flowers bloomed, 3 buyers came! Surely, God is with me in this endeavor as I leave my beautiful home to follow His plan for my life:) I bought a used RV, and will live in an RV park until I hear where God wants me to go as His psalmist. I have 2 more years of public school teaching before I can go anywhere He wants. I trust that God will show me where, and when to go.

I appreciate your prayers as I go into unknown territory, all for the purpose of preaching His Gospel to all nations.


DeVora Clark

DeVora's RV Lifestyle

Summer 2014 update:

I made it through my 1st year living full-time in a drafty RV. I LUV IT! I couldn't see back to living in a house.

I look forward to taking this rigg on the road full time next year, to sing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations. YAHOO!!!!

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DeVora's Music on CDBaby!

By Devora Clark, 2013-06-21

DeVora's Music CDbaby

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