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Thank you so much Ken, for what you have done for the KINGDOM of GOD by creating such a great and such a wonderful work!

You have spent hours and hours on the Computer, you have " denied " yourself in many ways and you have done a GREAT WORK! Congratulations!

I pray that our Father in Heaven will REWARD all your impact all your efforts and all you have done from your heart to help OTHERS to make their Ministry know!

You are a great brother!

THANK YOU LORD and BLESS your SON Ken, with ALL the Blessings from your HOLY PLACE!


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WOMEN in GODS mighty Hands

By Hanna, 2011-04-29

Since some time I feel GODS burden on my heart for WOMEN who became abused and mistreated.

Women that suffer from different crimes. This can be verbal Crimes, such as hateful words, condemnation of her person and also rejection of her person in different areas.

It is a painful thing for women to be mistreated in such ways and my heart goes out for them! There are also women who became victims by offensive domestic violence. This also happen in Christian families, and we are going to start a Campaign to show thatWOMEN are in GODS mighty HANDS!http://womeningodseyes.webs.com/

Please support us! Please check our Website " Women in GODS mighty HANDS "

Become a member and please buy our shirts, teacups and gifts with our LOGO and give it to friends, wear the shirts and make yourself a place and start yourown Campaign ! Order it please an let everybody see that we are WOMEN in GODS mighty HANDS

We are seeking for BRETHREN who are having the same burden and are going to support us !

May the LORD raise up many sisters and brothers who want so stand up with me!

Hanna in Germany

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Galatiens 6, 2

By Hanna, 2011-02-07

My dear Brothers and sister,

Just came back from a BIKERMEETING in Switzerland where 30 Leaders and Presidenst of different Bikerministrys and Clubs have come together to share about their ministrys and needs.

GOD worked and moved amongst them and it was a blessing to see how they supported one another in their needs.

I found out, that this site, INDIE GOSPEL is a ministry that gives a great platform for brothers and sisters to bring forth fruit for diffrent ministrys worldwide, isnt it ???

I saw and find out, that Ken, the Creator of this SITE is in a need with his tool, the COMPUTER, wich he deeply needs, to bring forth yours and mine gift, how ? GIVING SPACE HERE to spread the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST!!

I saw how the Bikerministrys spended time and money to support each other, so I come out to ask each and everyone of you dear Christians, to help Ken to get the TOOLS to work out this ministry fully!!

Ken needs our help to buy some more tools for his now repared Laptop! He needs a webcam, a scanner and a soundcard for working on this site !
Are we able to help him?????? I take a bold step towards all of you to stand up and DONATE money so he can buy what he needs!

He dont know I caught up his need, but I trust in the LORD who is willing to help us.

Please help Ken out and make some donations to this ministry for GODS GLORY!!

Thank you so much, and I want to say, it is great that Ken gave us this platform so we can spread the GOSPEL!

Hanna in Germany www.internationales-netzwerk-der-versoehnung.de

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I would like to share it also here ! Please pray fort hat message HE is the LORD of HOSTS

To all our friends and partners in the Kingdom of our LORD, a joyfull,
peacefull, blessed New Year 2011.
It will be a year of challenges and chances, a year of grace and mercy
for all of us and a year, the name of the LORD will be EXAULTED over
the Earth and over all the Nations by the WORD of the LORD, proclaimed
and declared by HIS BODY.
A time of cleansing an of restauration is before us.
With HIS mighty arm, HE will rescue and delivere thousands out of
darkness. By HIS mighty arm HE will show himself to thousands and
thousands, even through the valley of death! HE will go before you and
HE will be behind you, HE will be beneath you and HE will be above you.
HE IS LORD of LORDS. He is the Son of GOD who came to die, to take away
the Sin of the World, the Sin that destroyes the nature of man and
woman, made in the image of GOD!

Psalm 23, 91, 100 PRAISE to HIM ( picture from Mark Glamacks book "
Littluns the book of Darkness " you can order it, check our webiste
below ) from Darkness into the LIGHT !
yours in HIM Hanna www.internationales-netzwerk-der-versoehnung.de
--- for HIS GLORY

An all unsere Freunde und Partner in SEINEM Reich. Wir wnschen Ihnen
ein freudvolles, friedvolles Neues Jahr 2011.
Es wird ein Jahr der Herausforderungen und Chancen sein, ein Jahr der
Gnade und der Barmherzigkeit fr uns alle. Ein Jahr, in dem der Name
des HERRN hoch erhoben werden wird ber dieser Erde, und ber den
Nationen dadurch das SEIN WORT strker verkndigt und gepredigt werden
wird, aufs Neue durch SEINEN Leib.
Mit Seinem mchtigen Arm, wird ER Tausende aus der Finsternis
freisetzen und erlsen! Durch seinen mchtigen Arm wird Er sich
Tausenden offenbar machen, selbst durch das Tal des Todesschattens
ER wird vor Ihnen hergehen, ER wird hinter Ihnen sein, ER wird unter
Ihnen sein und ER wird ber Ihnen erscheinen.
ER ist HERR der HERREN, Jesus Christus der Sohn Gottes der kam um die
Snde wegzunehmen. Die Snde, die den Menschen zerstrt in seinem Wesen.

Psalm 23, 91, 100 Ehre sei IHM ( das Phto ist aus dem Buch von Mark
Glamack " Littluns and the book of Darkness welches Sie ber unsere
WebSeite bestellen knnen, s.u. ) Aus der Finsternis ans Licht !
www.internationales-netzwerk-der-versoehnung.de -- zu SEINER EHRE In IHM Ihre Hanna

Mit freundlichen Grssen

Internationales Netzwerk der Vershnung e.V.
Inter. Network of Reconciliation
( a non profit Organisation )

72762 Reutlingen
Tel: +49(0)7121/270771

E-Mail: intern-netzwerkderversoehnung@gmx.de

Jesus Christus spricht:
der ERSTE und der LETZTE,
der ANFANG und das ENDE "
Offbg./Rev. 22,13

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By Hanna, 2010-12-10

I want to take this Opportunity to follow the Blog of " Miracle Makers".

Me too, from the beginning, have seen the great work Ken is doing here!I realy want to thank him for his fully and complete dedication towards the LORD and this work!

GRAET JOB and I pray that GOD will rewards it hundredfold ( and more )

Well done, Ken -- Well done Administrators -- well done Members

Hanna in Germany

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Love is the greatest..

By Hanna, 2015-01-17



January 17

Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT)

You can have all the gifts and be very immature. Spiritual increase is not by knowing all these things, the way of growth is not by faith's power externally manifested, but more by inward endurance. Do you want to know the way of the increase of God? It is by love. What the Lord needs is an open, pure spirit towards Himself, and love toward all saints; the Lord will bring into His greater fullness where there is a genuine love one to the other - in Him.... The Ephesian letter in which there is the fullest unveiling of heavenly truth in the deepest teaching concerning the Church, the Body of Christ, there is from start to finish the golden thread of love running all through; this is significant when you consider what the letter contains. 1 Corinthians 13 is the great chapter on love, and is put over beside all the "gifts". Love is the real spirituality that is spirituality. Love is the most difficult and the greatest of all gifts. "Ye are not straitened in us, but ye are straitened in your own affections" (2 Cor. 6:12 ASV). You are so narrow, so limited, like a closed hedge, pent up, cramped! "Our heart is enlarged, ye are not straitened in us."

The measure of our spiritual life is no greater than our heart; the knowledge that is in the head is not the measure of spirituality, the way for your release, emancipation, increase, abundance is the way of the heart. Spirituality is not mental agreement on things stated in the Word, it is the melting of one heart to another – to all saints. The devil has locked up a number of the Lord's children as in a padded room of their own limitations; frozen their love by something between them and other children of God. The way out is by increase of love; and we shall remain locked up until we are there.... True spirituality is the measure of love of God shed abroad in the heart, all the spirituals rest upon and have their rise out of love. Not power, or knowledge, or different gifts, these are not the first things, the first thing is love. That leads to the increase of God.

By T. Austin-Sparks from: The Increase of God 

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