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Jai Reed - Farther Along

Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:39
As we go through many things in life, it is hard to see any good that can come from it. However, it is in those times in which we must press on just to see what is going to happen. We do it all the time with the shows we watch. We must catch all the episodes regardless how agonizing it is to see the characters go through the things they go through. It is probably more agonizing to wait for the next episode only to be told to wait again until next week. But we will wait just to see how it will play out. In life, it is the same way. Right now, you may not understand what the point to all the trails and tribulations, but as you go farther along; you'll understand why. So just move by and by through life, and you will understand it better.


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