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I've written many songs in the past 11 years ranging from Pop, Rock, Surf Rock, Easy Listening, Folk, Country and Cotemporary Christian.  I've produced and released 10 albums and many singles. Songs that could be best characterized as Contemporary Christian are "Heaven", "He Loves Me Too", "Fear Not" and "You Are My Everything"... All songs are original and based on my personal real life experiences...  They are always uplifting, energetic and fun leaving a positive impression and even some with moral underpinnings... All songs are available on iTunes... God Bless


Location: Redondo Beach, CA
Zipcode: 90278
Country: US

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Heaven (Choir Version)

album: Red Sunglasses
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Heaven (Choir Version)
Robert Deller
02/04/15 04:05:45PM @robert-deller:

Check it out on iTunes........



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