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Steven Brown is a Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Actor, Comedian, Recording Artist, Author, Speaker, Teacher, Voice-Over Artist and IT Specialist. Steven was born in Grand Prairie, Texas on September 11, 1962. Growing up in Texas and Arkansas he began to develop an ear for music, voices, mimicking sounds and characters he saw on TV and Movies. He was exposed to many genres and styles of music from both sides of his family. So it was no surprise when Steven began singing and playing guitar in church at the age of 13. Then in 1977 he was cast in his first acting role as an old Jewish-Christian in a first century Roman prison. After graduating from Jonesboro High School in 1980, he enlisted in the US Navy as an Electronic Warfare Technician. During his 16 years in the Navy, Steven circumnavigated the earth and visited 23 countries, where he honed his talent for accents, informally studying the people and the way they spoke. His first professional acting role was in a Broadway-Style musical drama called "The Promise", where he was cast as Pontius Pilate, Jairus, Simon the Zealot and a Townsperson in 2008 (the same year he graduated from The University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology). Since graduating from AMTC (Actors, Models & Talent for Christ) in January 2014, He has gone on to play many roles in theater, film and television. Steven continues to pursue a career in music, acting, comedy, speaking, IT, etc.

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Steven Brown Ministries - All Over the World (made with Spreaker)

Artist: Steven Brown
Duration: 00:04:20

All Over The World Words and Music by: Steven H. Brown © December, 1992 Look at the children, listen to their cries. See the starving millions, look into their eyes. How can we see them and just turn away when we can do something to help them today? It's not too late --- do something now --- do something now. I look at my children, they're clothed and they're fed, and I can't remember when they went hungry, to bed. But there are those around the world who desperately need someone who'll reach out with love and help feed their little children who are dying all over the world --- all over the world. * All over the world there are people living in despair but Jesus would have us reach out everywhere with His love, any way we can, to touch a human life who just needs a helping hand. And that's why God has placed us all over the world, all over the world. (Instrumental) (Repeat from *) -All over --- the world


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