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Betty Overstreet is an Artist/Songwriter. She has a number of original songs as well as several she has co-written with others: John Covert,Crystal Image; George LaFlame; Sharron Hammer. She also records Cover Songs that touch her heart. Betty has won awards for some of her songs; Akademia Music Awards 2016: Best Song Country/Americana- "You came right back and Best Song Christian/Folk- "I dreamed I walked along with Jesus" (co-write with Sharron Hammer Northwest Alabama Publishing Co. Song Writers Contest 2019: 1st Place Traditional Gospel- God will send an Angel" 1st Place Christian Song-"Let me follow" 2nd Place Country gospel- "Dreams don't always happen" Betty and her husband Gary perform together at Church Concerts, Senior Residential Homes and private parties. Their various genre are: Country Western, Classic Rock n Roll and Gospel.

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Water to Wine, 2 Fish to a Feast

Water to Wine, 2 Fish to a Feast
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Water to wine, 2 fish to a feast is a collection of wonderful life stories shared to show you the miracles God allows to happen, when we believe and trust in Him.  Prayers answered, Miracles of many kinds await for you to delve into them!  

You will laugh and cry, you will sing His praises and raise your hands in worship as you walk along on the journeys with the wonderful people featured in this book. 


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