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Betty Overstreet is an Artist/Songwriter. She has a number of original songs as well as several she has co-written with others: John Covert,Crystal Image; George LaFlame; Sharron Hammer. She also records Cover Songs that touch her heart. Betty has won awards for some of her songs; Akademia Music Awards 2016: Best Song Country/Americana- "You came right back and Best Song Christian/Folk- "I dreamed I walked along with Jesus" (co-write with Sharron Hammer Northwest Alabama Publishing Co. Song Writers Contest 2019: 1st Place Traditional Gospel- God will send an Angel" 1st Place Christian Song-"Let me follow" 2nd Place Country gospel- "Dreams don't always happen" Betty and her husband Gary perform together at Church Concerts, Senior Residential Homes and private parties. Their various genre are: Country Western, Classic Rock n Roll and Gospel.

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Country Bumpkins

Country Bumpkins
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How did this book come to be?  A good question. My family moved from Oklahoma when I was a child but we kept in touch through the years with family and friends who always welcomed us with , "We're so happy ya'll made this here long trek cross country to see us. Shucks, it's been a coon's age since last time. I always loved an accent so one day I set down to write and as I touched my fingers to my keyboard, these sweet little characters with country accents began coming to life.

I hope you love:  Pa and Junior heading to Catfish Creek ; Old Jeb attending the Holy Ghost Church with a jug of moonshine hangin' from his side; Ms Georgia Belle cookin' chitlens and bakin' cakes and many more country characters who will make you giggle and bring you a bit closer with God as you read each story.

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