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Hello my friends, welcome to my website. My name is Bruce Moss and I am a Christian singer/songwriter from Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. To date, I have written and recorded 191 songs, that are contained on 15 CDs, all of which are available here, for you to listen to, and hopefully, be blessed by. The first CD, "To God Be The Glory", was released in 2006, and contains 15 new songs to sing. Since 2006, I have released one new CD every year, and by the grace of God, I will continue to do so, to His glory.

Please feel free to share this site with others, if you are blessed by what you see and hear, and if you are moved to support my music ministry by purchasing any of the songs that I've written, then I thank you in advance. You can do so by clicking on the sales tab. May God bless you and cause His face to shine on you now and always. Shalom.



The Witness

By Bruce Moss, 2017-06-03

My name is Simon of Cyrene, no stranger to this Nazarene, of whom I’ve come to testify today
And what I’ve come to say to you about this man I know is true, so please give ear to what I have to say  I am but a humble man, a stranger to this foreign land, my country is so very far from me
But I have come that you may know, the One whose Spirit moves me so
That you may know this man from Galilee

I was only passing through Jerusalem that day
When I came upon an angry throng, that suffered me to stay
They had gathered just beyond the gate, outside the wall
And we were on the road to Calvary, to the place they call the Skull

As I drew near, I could hear them, but at first I could not see
The One they mocked and ridiculed, the One they cursed so violently
But I remember when I saw Him, I remember my surprise
To see this man so bruised and beaten, standing there before my eyes

Who was this man, what had He done to deserve such inhumanity
What did He say to cause such condemnation from these Pharisees
Why were all these scribes and rulers so enraged by One so meek
For He seemed to be a gentle man, so strong, but now so weak

Never have I seen such scourging, never have I felt such shame
Never have I seen such anguish, born of sin and borne with pain
I could see this man of sorrows, I could feel the maddening crowd
As if they were possessed by demons, crying out so very loud, crucify Him, crucify Him, crucify Him

But in His face, I saw no anger, no contempt for those who sneered
From His lips no condemnation, from His eyes no bitter tears
His countenance was one of pity, strangely though, He made no sound
Like a lamb led to the slaughter He was bound, without a word

And I thought, how could this man be so gentle, how could this man be so meek
How could this man be so silent, why did He refuse to speak
As the soldiers scourged and mocked Him, blood was flowing down His cheeks
From the angry crown of thorns that pierced His brow

His cross he carried 'til He stumbled, falling weakly to the ground
Still He uttered no reviling, still He did not make a sound
A Roman soldier struck and mocked Him, rise up Jesus, King of the Jews
Take up Your cross if You are able or feel my wrath if You refuse

How my heart cried out to help Him, but my fear kept me at bay
No longer could I bear to watch Him, but still I could not turn away
And for a moment, just a moment, which seemed like an eternity
This man of sorrows turned His eyes on me

He was not a man of beauty, no one would desire Him
His visage was so marred and swollen, from the stripes that tore His skin
I could feel His lacerations bleeding to the bone
And robbing Him of precious life, as if they were my own

Then through the darkness of my soul, the Son of God shone through
As from His eyes, a brilliant light, pierced me through and through
A sudden peace came over me, that I knew was not my own
And I felt His love and mercy, unlike anything I've known

Then I heard His voice call my name, Simon of Cyrene
Take up My cross and follow Me, a humble Nazarene
Then reaching down, I took the cross from this man of Galilee
And the demons that were mocking Him, now, were mocking me
And I followed Him to die on Calvary

There the nails were driven in, first His hands and then His feet
Still He uttered no reviling, still He seemed to be so meek
Unlike the thief, who scorned and mocked Him, though condemned to die like Him
He hung there on that blood stained tree, so innocent of that man's sin

And I recall the final scene just before He died
The sky grew dark, the crowd reviled Him
Some of His own friends denied Him
While others stood beside the cross and cried bitter tears

I could not move, I could not speak, I was frozen in that place and time
I could only mourn and weep, knowing that His sins were mine
Then this man I never knew, this Nazarene who was a Jew
Cried Father, forgive them for they know not what they do

Then from His voice that spoke forgiveness, came these words, I thirst
While demon armies screamed around Him, how they mocked Him, how they cursed
But sour wine, mixed with gall, was all that they would offer Him, to ease His pain and suffering
That He chose to bear because of sin

And as He hung there on that cross, my life flashed before my eyes
And in a voice so all alone, he cried
My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me, it is finished
Then He yielded up His Spirit and He died

The sky grew angry, heaven roared, the earth was shaken to the core
The temple veil itself, was torn in two
By raging bolts of thunder, the rocks were split asunder
As if God, Himself, had crucified Him too

Now those who mocked Him were afraid, many ran and hid away
No longer did they jeer Him or applaud
And I heard a Roman soldier say, the one who stood by Him that day
That truly, this was the Son of God

And there I was upon my knees with nowhere else to go
So lost in my iniquities that I had come to know
The pain and fear that gripped my heart, had cut me like a knife
And was tearing at my very soul and robbing me of life

Then I looked upon His lifeless form, so pure and undefiled
This man that they called Jesus, the One the world reviled
Has caused my heart to bleed inside, as a witness to the way He died

Below the cross, the ground was rent, as the gift of life that heaven sent
Flowed freely from His hands and feet to rest upon the mercy seat
The Lamb of God has shed His blood, to show the world that God is love
He became the final sacrifice for sin

My name is Simon of Cyrene, no stranger to this Nazarene
Of whom I've come to testify today

Written by Bruce Moss, October 11, 2002
To God Be The Glory

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All About Dave

By Bruce Moss, 2017-06-03

Now this is a story all about Dave, he wasn't very big but he was very brave 
He had a reputation as a Godly lad, and he lived with his brothers and his mom and dad 
Now Dave was the shepherd of his father's sheep, his job, I'm told, was to tend and keep 
The rams and the ewes and the baby lambs, safe from the jaws of the bears and lions 
Who on occasion tried to steel a baby lamb for every meal 

Now every time that this occurred, young Dave, without a spear or sword 
Would grab them by their bearded chins and smack them 'til he did them in
'Cause that's just the way he was 

Now Dave was the servant of a king named Saul, who together with the army of Israel 
Were camping in the valley of Elah one day, his men, I'm told, were many they say 
All manly men, all brave and bold, who always did what they were told
Until they met Goliath 

Now Goliath was a Philistine, over ten feet tall and extremely mean 
He wore a helmet on his head and those he fought all wound up dead
Or badly bruised & broken they said 

His staff was like a weaver's beam, extremely heavy or so it seemed
And his armor coat was as heavy as a man, and those he met, they always ran
Not one would stand and fight him, I don't think they liked him 

So for forty days and forty nights Goliath tried to pick a fight 
With each and every Israelite, who were so afraid and so dismayed 
That none would stand and fight him, none that is but Dave 

"Now what will be my just reward if I kill this giant and scatter the hoard of Philistines?" said Dave 
Ah the king will make you a rich young man, plus, you'll get his daughter's hand 
And with Israel's redemption lad, your dad will have exemption 

"Besides," thought Dave, "I'm not alone, for GOD will help me fling the stone" 
"All right," said Dave, "it's a deal, I'll fight, one round, one fall, and the winner takes all" 

With that he went into a brook and out of it five stones he took 
And put them in his shepherd's bag or pouch which hung around his leg 

With staff and sling and stones in hand he went to fight this monstrous man 
Who mocked and laughed and jeered as he approached him 

Now as I've already mentioned, it was not young Dave's intention 
To fight Goliath on his own, with just a staff and sling and stone, no
For Dave he was a Godly lad a
nd he would trust in Him it's said 
"Again," said GOD, "I speak the truth, that even though you are a youth, 
Your faith in Me will enable you to crush him" 

So off went Dave so bold and brave, not by himself, but with GOD's help 
And put the stone into the sling, a
nd gave the thing an awful fling
And struck and killed Goliath 

When the Philistines saw he was dead, they lost their nerve and quickly fled 
And Dave he took his sword and head and walked away defiant
Because God had killed the giant, and as proof that GOD will never fail
He kept the coat, now he's got mail 

Now the moral of this story is, although it might sound gory is
That Dave was not a bit like Saul, he saw the writing on the wall
The bigger they are, the harder they fall 

But if you want to get ahead, just obey GOD, do what He said 
And trust in Him with all your might, and He will be the One to fight
And you will be triumphant, praise the LORD

Written by Bruce Moss, May 10, 2001
To GOD be the glory! 

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