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Hello my friends, welcome to my website. My name is Bruce Moss and I am a Christian singer/songwriter from Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. To date, I have written and recorded 191 songs, that are contained on 15 CDs, all of which are available here, for you to listen to, and hopefully, be blessed by. The first CD, "To God Be The Glory", was released in 2006, and contains 15 new songs to sing. Since 2006, I have released one new CD every year, and by the grace of God, I will continue to do so, to His glory.

Please feel free to share this site with others, if you are blessed by what you see and hear, and if you are moved to support my music ministry by purchasing any of the songs that I've written, then I thank you in advance. You can do so by clicking on the sales tab. May God bless you and cause His face to shine on you now and always. Shalom.


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@Betty Overstreet, 04/16/20 07:03:05PM
HI Bruce, I am new to this site and just trying to find my way around. I happened on to your page. Love your profile picture, looks like a great place to visit.

I enjoy your music very much.
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@Steve King, 06/29/19 04:35:08PM
Looking for when you are sharing at a concert or campmeeting.
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@songbirdcindy, 06/03/17 08:45:15AM
Loving your song playing... BLESSED AND HOLY IS YOUR NAME. SO TRUE, AND SO WONDERFUL TO HEAR IT SUNG. Love your sound and your voice. God given to glorify our God. He is King of the Universe. In 2008 I died and came into the Presence of God's Holiness. It changed me... forever. I am about to post a new video... THE WIDOW PRAYS. I hope you will check it out... This song came after a very profound experience.
God Bless
Cindy Tilkens Jennings
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@His Word, 12/29/15 04:05:38AM
You are special Bruce. I think the lord really loves you. "Your a wise man".

Bless you Sir : Wayne