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Crosstree creates guitar-driven pop rock with an edge. The project explores the concepts of belief and endurance through provocative lyrics surrounded by soaring guitars, propulsive bass, and dynamic drums. Crosstree songs delve into what it means to trust and be trustworthy in the face of adversity. They encourage listeners to see failure not as the end of the road, but as an opportunity for growth. Crosstree is reminiscent of rock acts such as Anberlin, Eve 6, and Third Eye Blind in its anthemic and melodic stylings. The guitars take their cue from Def Leppard’s tasty riffs and Joe Satriani’s supersonic tone.


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Bring On the Giants

Artist: Crosstree
Genre: Rock
Duration: 00:03:19

“Bring On the Giants” is the admission that life is hard, that the only choice we have is to put one foot in front of the other, and that sometimes we can’t do that alone. But not shouldering our share of the responsibility for improving our piece of the world around us is not an option if our lives are to have the meaning they are meant to. So that leaves with only one real way forward: find the One we can wholly depend on, then do it.


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