I'm a man madly in love with God and those He loves!  I'm a husband, father, brother - many things; but my identity is found in Jesus Christ, the One who gave His life for us. I write songs with the hope that they will draw people closer to God. My heart is to take the gospel to those "least among us", and to let everyone know Jesus Christ loves them - and died for their sins. My life is a prayer to God.


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Are You Ready?

album: The Day Of The Lord
genre: Christian rock/rock/Christian rap/Indie rock
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In the book it’s written - Christ will return
To take His children home
For all those watching and praying Christ will return

Like a thief in the night He’s coming
In the twinkling of an eye
Don’t let Christ catch you sleeping
Or you’ll be left behind...

Are you ready, for Jesus to come back.
Are your garments white as snow
Are you ready, for the Lord to return?
When He comes back to take us away (2x)

No man knows the hour or day - when Jesus will return
No one know when Christ will appear
But the Lord will keep His word

People get ready - Jesus is coming
The Lord is on His way
People get ready - Jesus is coming
The Lord is on His way

Are You Ready?


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