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At the start of Gospel Sounds Duet, Steve and Apryl had no idea of how much God had planned for them. The knew that they had the call to reach others through the medium of gospel music. Together, they began locally doing nursing homes, churches and conventions. Now the travel nationally, doing churches of many denominations, Salvation Armies, missions, rehabs, prisons, nursing homes, malls, revivals and conventions. They have also appeared on television and radio. Gospel Sound Duet travels presenting salvation's message, encouragement, hope and faith to a lost world. This is achieved through music, testimony and scripture. Many people have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. They will travel, no matter what the distance, knowing that God will always supply their needs. However, they will accept an ample love offering, accommodations and meals. There have been many blessings as they travel from city to city. They have had travel mercies and many exciting and unusual events occur. Gospel Sounds Duet currently has four completed projects. The first one, "It's Not Too Late" was recorded in 1997. The second one, "Lead Me to the Rock" was recorded in 1998. The third project, "The Moment" was recorded in October 2000 in Nashville, TN. The song "The Trumpet In the Ground" from that album was aired nationally in March of 2001. And the fourth project, Gospel Sounds Duet "Mose Requested Favorites" was recorded in May 2001. Gospel Sounds Duet became a 501(c)3 approved ministry incorporated in the state of PA on December 26, 2001. We will gladly accept donations. A written receipt will be sent to you for income tax purposes.

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"Where I Belong"

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:05
Here is a video of Steve and Apryl Caldwell of the Gospel Sounds Duet singing the song, "Where I Belong" from Building 429. This is the first time they have sung it live and I think they nailed it right on the nose. This video is from the Church of God of Prophecy in Orbisonia, Pennsylvania on May 20, 2012 on their "Faith is the Victory" tour.

If you would like some booking information, please contact the Gospel Sounds at:
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