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A new beginning

By Hanna, 2018-10-07
A new beginning

Dear Brethren and Sisters in CHRIST

I am a German and my English is NOT so well, but I try my besthappy-9

In 2013 I started to paint and want to share with you some paintings.

It was the Holy Spirit who encouraged me to stard even I never did paintings before!

The Issue of many of them is "Persecution of childrens of GOD" .

Please pray for the persecuted church all over the world.  it is GODS heart to pray for them


Thank you so much Ken, for what you have done for the KINGDOM of GOD by creating such a great and such a wonderful work!

You have spent hours and hours on the Computer, you have " denied " yourself in many ways and you have done a GREAT WORK! Congratulations!

I pray that our Father in Heaven will REWARD all your impact all your efforts and all you have done from your heart to help OTHERS to make their Ministry know!

You are a great brother!

THANK YOU LORD and BLESS your SON Ken, with ALL the Blessings from your HOLY PLACE!


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Galatiens 6, 2

By Hanna, 2011-02-07

My dear Brothers and sister,

Just came back from a BIKERMEETING in Switzerland where 30 Leaders and Presidenst of different Bikerministrys and Clubs have come together to share about their ministrys and needs.

GOD worked and moved amongst them and it was a blessing to see how they supported one another in their needs .

I found out, that this site, INDIE GOSPEL is a ministry that gives a great platform for brothers and sisters to bring forth fruit for diffrent ministrys worldwide, isnt it ???

I saw and find out, that Ken, the Creator of this SITE is in a need with his tool, the COMPUTER, wich he deeply needs, to bring forth yours and mine gift, how ? GIVING SPACE HERE to spread the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST!!

I saw how the Bikerministrys spended time and money to support each other, so I come out to ask each and everyone of you dear Christians, to...

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By Hanna, 2010-12-10

I want to take this Opportunity to follow the Blog of " Miracle Makers".

Me too, from the beginning, have seen the great work Ken is doing here!I realy want to thank him for his fully and complete dedication towards the LORD and this work!

GRAET JOB and I pray that GOD will rewards it hundredfold ( and more )

Well done, Ken -- Well done Administrators -- well done Members

Hanna in Germany

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Love is the greatest..

By Hanna, 2015-01-17



January 17

Three things will last forever – faith, hope, and love – and the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13:13 NLT)

You can have all the gifts and be very immature. Spiritual increase is not by knowing all these things, the way of growth is not by faith's power externally manifested, but more by inward endurance. Do you want to know the way of the increase of God? It is by  love . What the Lord needs is an open, pure spirit towards  Himself , and love toward  all  saints; the Lord will bring into His greater fullness where there is a genuine love one to the other -  in Him....  The Ephesian letter in which there is the fullest unveiling of...