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user image 2011-02-07
By: Hanna
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My dear Brothers and sister,

Just came back from a BIKERMEETING in Switzerland where 30 Leaders and Presidenst of different Bikerministrys and Clubs have come together to share about their ministrys and needs.

GOD worked and moved amongst them and it was a blessing to see how they supported one another in their needs .

I found out, that this site, INDIE GOSPEL is a ministry that gives a great platform for brothers and sisters to bring forth fruit for diffrent ministrys worldwide, isnt it ???

I saw and find out, that Ken, the Creator of this SITE is in a need with his tool, the COMPUTER, wich he deeply needs, to bring forth yours and mine gift, how ? GIVING SPACE HERE to spread the GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST!!

I saw how the Bikerministrys spended time and money to support each other, so I come out to ask each and everyone of you dear Christians, to help Ken to get the TOOLS to work out this ministry fully!!

Ken needs our help to buy some more tools for his now repared Laptop! He needs a webcam, a scanner and a soundcard for working on this site !
Are we able to help him?????? I take a bold step towards all of you to stand up and DONATE money so he can buy what he needs!

He dont know I caught up his need , but I trust in the LORD who is willing to help us.

Please help Ken out and make some donations to this ministry for GODS GLORY!!

Thank you so much, and I want to say, it is great that Ken gave us this platform so we can spread the GOSPEL!

Hanna in Germany www.internationales-netzwerk-der-versoehnung.de


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