It is Fulfilled

Ken Rich
01/12/11 10:07:22AM

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Dear Friends all around the World,

With a thankful heart towards our Lord and Saviour for each one of you, I want to praise
HIM for HIS goodness towards HIS children.

I want to thank you all for your readiness to stand up with us for a
Fastingand Prayer chain for one year - against the powers of Darkness, who aretrying to overrule lives and Nations, and bring them under their rulership.

We know from the Word of GOD, that this has to be done, so HIS word might be fulfilled. BUT our GOD wants to save people out of the
darkness and bring them into HIS mavelous LIGHT.

HE is a GOD of mercy and Grace, and HE wants to save as many souls as possible.
Inpast years we could see how fast the decision to establish the New World
Order is making progress. We can see how the enemy is trying to unite World leaders,
World currency and Religions.

This has to come, because GOD was says so. IN the midst of this all there is -----a HOLY NATION, a Nation of Kings and priests, a Nation which is called outby GOD and belongs to HIS Kingdom, children of GOD who's names are written in the book of life, and who's names as signed in the HEAVENLY JERUSALEM. You andIbelong to this place above ! PRAISE TO THE LORD.

We have all a task to fulfill, we all have a calling from GOD in our lives, and we all are in a
spiritual battle which is won already on the CROSS of Calvary.
BUT this is what we have to do, bringing forth the TRUTH of the Gospel to a dying world.
Bringing forth good fruits to be as our LORD, and bringing forth LIFE to the dead.
It is a battle to win!!

In 2001, we here in Germany had a very specific Task to fulfill, and the outcome of that task
was -GOD gave us the VICTORY over the powers of Darkness which had bound Germany to a
spirit of death! This was in 2001 and this is confirmed many times!

Now at the end of last year, and the beginning of this year, we believe the LORD wants to
increase this task and hand it over to many leaders and churches around the world!
Proclaiming the NAME of the LORD in an intensive way.The more the Churchfalls apart, thes more the BODY of CHRIST will get prepared.

From Europe, two times a world war started with Millions of victims. Once it started in
Sarajevo by killing a prince, the second time Hitler started it in Poland in 1939.
BUT now it seems that our Europe is again involved in a upcoming World war, this time it
will be against the LORD of LORDS in the final end !

We cannot change thissince GOD has already decided and written it in his Word, BUT
HE wants HIS Church, the BODY of Christ, to go and make disciples. GO and preach the
GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST. Go and tell the people out there to turn to GOD, otherwise there
lives will be in great danger. And if all hell will break lose HE IS IN THE MIDST OF THE

This is our task, this is the Commission of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.
So we need to do what HE tells us.

In the past month, I could see, that MANY Leaders, Pastor and children of GOD have been
tangled in many subtle ways, so they might not to fulfill what GOD has called them to do.
Many things in life's of children of GOD, has held them back to go forward. Much pain I
have seen.

So because we believe GOD wants to: set free, release, heal, provide, support, giving more
than enough, we are called to stand in fasting and prayer for one another, for Ministries
worldwide, and for the freedom of speech to SHARE THE GOSPEL

We have a lot of brothers and sisters in the LORD who are willing to sacrifice ONE day a
MONTH for ONE YEAR. We said we are going to start on 15thday this month for a
fasting and prayer day, for ALL of us.

After praying and again waiting on the LORD, HE told me to wait on HIM. Not to start
now, we shall wait on HIM.

As I see, GOD wants us to WAIT and NOT TO START NOW. TO WAIT until HE tells
us to start with this chain !

HE didn't give me the reason why to wait, BUT we need to wait. He is in control and HE knows why !

So as children WHO obey the father, we are waiting on HIM until HE tells us to start!
There are somelay peopleand 18 Pastors and Leaders. Some with the entire Congregation.
We really ask you all to pray that the number, the LORD wants to have, will come in.

I dont know exactly, but for a month fasting we need 30 Leaders or Pastors.
So I pray and ask you to pray with me before the LORD, and if you know someone who
wants to join, please forward this or tell them whats going to happen.
With a thankful heart to all of you, and I trust in the LORD guidance, we will do HIS will. Is
it a test for us ??

IN the beginning of next month, LORDS WILLING; I will be on a meeting with several
Leaders and Presidents of Organizations, and maybe the LORD will talk to me there about
whats on his heart

So please think of me in your prayers. The meeting will be on 3rd 6th February and
maybe it is a life changing meeting. A divine appointment direct from the Father for me?
So far I want you all to know what is on my heart.

Looking forward to hear from you and may the LORD bless you all abundantly.
Please let me know if you all agree with changing addresses so you could get in contact also
with one another !?

Pray about this please.
Yours in HIM Hanna