Iina & Asi


Iina & Asi Artist Bio An amount of passion for the craft needs to be present when creating music. In the case of Iina & Asi, the duo of husband & wife, the passion between them oozes through every vocal chord and musical note. The two combine their passion for music and each other with their love of gospel music and recently released debut album “Closer.” It reflects their faith while blending their Finnish and Israeli heritage together with their Spanish music producer Javier Ibañez Sanchis into the music that showcase the power of the gospel and how two opposite sides of culture can find peace through love and compassion (Romans 11-12). The album "Closer" carries a concept of diversity leading to a new collective through understanding and walking through the path of the Lord. The passion and message behind the project are clear for the duo: Faith will lead the world through the fire of hate and darkness into the light and serene waters of the love of God.



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