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Michelle Ackerson - Power in Your Name

Michelle Ackerson - Power in Your Name
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Michelle Ackerson - Power in Your Name
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Wayne Sanelli
08/30/17 11:08:13PM @wayne-sanelli:

There is a way that appears right to man but in the end it is death. Spiritual death and the judgement and second death. Christ is the ONE. The God of Israel is REAL and the Only GOD. Why all of this. I think it can get rather complex but simply put the way we were meant to LIVE we really DON'T. We treasure images and vanities and cherish them to the point where we worship them. We end up worshiping vanity IE: Models and these days Twitter and selfies, things, music with profanities and evil. Just look at the TV shows for youths. People appear plugged into gadgets and entertainment more than Christ and relationships. People become slaves to sin, slaves to profanities as the norm, slaves to wanting things, slaves to many things and that is not good for relationship let alone marriage. All of this Christ warned us against it. We need to get back to the bible. Back to basics.

We worship ourselves in a way. We need to worship God. Recall when John the baptist said he has to diminish while Christ increases.

Perhaps as believers there are those that are close to Christ. But a humans on a large scale we appear far off from him and his teachings. 

God's word says HAVE NO OTHER GODS before him and Israel was chosen for a purpose and it let it's self be polluted by the things God warned against. Not only did it reject it's true messiah but God warned them what would happen if they did so. He had some sort of covenant with Israel. And marriage is a 3 way covenant. The man, The wife & God. Christ rose on the 3rd day. Seems to have a connection.

There is an unseen world that the bible speaks about and it appears to effect us when we do these thing. What defiles a man is what comes out of his mouth, not his belly. Christ taught this. Remember Christ told Peter that Satin has a request. "Jesus tells Peter that the devil has requested him specifically, with an undoubtedly evil purpose at heart." However God designed this spiritual world/or how it works when we are connected to unrighteousness we in a way are treading into darkness.

A person showed me a stain once on their wall, and I told them what about the stain on your soul being our sins. Christ often showed people as such as when he used the washing of hands scenario against the Pharisees. The hands are not eternal. The spirit is. What defiles a man is what comes out of their mouths. And it shows their hearts. How sad.

How do we know the gospel is true. It proves and speaks for it's self. The reason people don't believe God is because they did not see the earth being put together and the first man being created. So many believe the millions/billions of years theory. They teach we are a cosmic accident and that is a lie as everything is fine tuned for life. To believe their theory one has to make a huge stretch and deny the spirit,  all the evidence and testimony of the gospel and reason let alone Christ. What Christ taught has not only come to pass, but even other faiths have had visions of him. And God will pour out his spirit in these last days being the end times as the signs are clearly there. There will be people that will dream dreams and have visions. Even unbelievers have seen either heaven or hell. Christ did not force anyone to come to him. He gave them the choice. God created things for pleasure but in righteousness and worship of him. The scriptures and Christ all have weight and proven prophecies. Just as it is written lawlessness will come and it has. There are signs on the earth and in the heavens.  Gods word is alive as it is written as such. And many have not known Christ. The real Christ. The real hell will house the unrighteous and the evil. Come and get to know Christ. A verse a day as faith comes by hearing God's word.

The earth has magnetic fields and the sun is clearly created to give light. It has a function as your car does. To say you use your TV but it has no function is silly. Water is needed for life and it had to be created for life. Just the complexity of life forms is so above us.

Sometimes when people read the prophecies they may think this is ridiculous. How can this be? But when one really looks deep as I believe some bible scholars have been astonished.  No one is perfect but it's true LIGHT CAME INTO THE WORLD AND MEN LOVED DARKNESS. Christ was rejected. And still rejected to this day by many.The unconditional love Christ showed - has no other shown this type of love. Because he did that others could walk through that door to him. What is stopping you. The worldly things. The lust, the lack of faith and the friends that love darkness and try and take away your faith by crushing the seed of belief. The word of God is the two edge sword God speaks about.

Here God talks about the Sword of his mouth (HIS WORD). Moses used the word and the staff. He talks about his DOCTRINE. HIS WORD.

Give thanks every single day to GOD.

Pray and faith comes by hearing the word of GOD.

In retrospect to writing this consider this biblical passage. MARK 7


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