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Blessing people through their music is something the Cornell’s have been doing for many years. Their commitment to love the Lord and each other continues to grow stronger. Their presentation touches the hearts of audiences wherever they go. Mike, Darla, and Patti sing and share their testimonies throughout the United States and the world. They have appeared in churches, conventions and fairs and have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be in concert with some of the very best in Southern Gospel Music. Most recently, “The Martins”, “The Isaacs” and “Larry Ford”, TaRanda Greene and “The Hoppers” just to name few. The Cornell’s travel extensively in the United States and around the world specifically to South Africa where their ministry has impacted tens of thousands through their concerts and services. They travel for one goal and that is to see souls saved, plant seeds for harvest, and uplift Christians. With rich family harmony, lively energetic style, humor, and love for God, they encourage and uplift people wherever they minister.



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album: I Know A Man
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T. Roy Taylor
09/28/21 04:57:15PM @t-roy-taylor:

When I hear a beautiful lead vocal with a voice you know has been touched by our King, with ear pitch perfect harmonies join in backed by professional musicians -- What do you have? A song on "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Country Top 20"!


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