Ruby Browne


House wife and mom of 4 , My husband Tom and I Enjoy your music very much .Met you last March when you were ice fishing for smelt on Gander Bay Rd.You gave us a couple of your cds ,and we play them all the time .Thank you so much .


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Bruce Moss
12/30/19 11:36:38AM @bruce-moss:

Hi Ruby

Thank you for your kind words and financial support for my music ministry by your recent order for my 4th CD, "If I Had Eyes To See" I appreciate it very much. I do remember both you and Tom. Me and Tom fishing on the pond, :)  and you patiently waiting in the car. :) It was a great day smelt wise too. I haven't checked yet to see if you left me your mailing address, but in case you haven't, send it to me at and I'll get the CD in the mail asap. Say hello to Tom for me, and I wish you all the best throughout the coming year.




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