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The Spirit of the Lord is Here - donnasmusicqk
James Banfield's Top 20 Songs

Having a little fun with Google Earth, The Bible, and the Naysayers

03/08/11 12:27:22PM, by James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
I think its safe to say that we all are aware of Google Earth now and the things that it can do. For example, I can...
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

A guide to help you receive more customers that are interested in what you write about and sell.

01/08/15 06:30:55PM, by Devine Jamz Gospel Network
Content Marketing   If you are an artist that enjoy writing and sharing original information with...
James Banfield's Top 20 Songs

Blind Guides (Military Channel) Who Anointed Jesus?

02/28/14 05:17:57AM, by James Banfield's Top 20 Songs
Last night (2/27) on the Military Channel I usually dont watch anything concerning the Lord for they usually get all...
Joanne Fagan

online music

02/24/14 02:58:14PM, by Joanne Fagan
My music is now available for purchase on these sites:  iTunes, Amazon, and google play. Also available on eMusic.  


donnasmusicqk 2015

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Easter Playlist

Tracks: 4


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Indie Gospel's Top 20 songs and the  Top 10 Videos  are out for July. Please make sure you are following  James Banfield  to get the latest news on the song list. Tune in...


The Love Offering Tour - Yuba City Launch

The Love Offering Tour - Yuba City Launch

Friday May 10 2013, 4:30 PM
@ CrossRoads Community Church, 445 B St, Yuba City, CA
Attendees: 1



"Love Me" - deejaniccaG.

Artist: deejaniccaG., donnasmusicqk
Genre: POP inspiration