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Why Do I Run

Why Do I Run

Alfred Flores

album: Alfred Flores
Still You Wonder Why

Still You Wonder Why

Miracle Maker

album: Invisible
genre: Rock Pop
That's Why I Call It Home

That's Why I Call It Home

Charles Ross

album: Higher Expectations
Chapter 1: Why Am I Here?

Chapter 1: Why Am I Here?


genre: Spoken Word


Connie Giordano


10/31/09 09:36:28PM, by Connie Giordano
"Faithful ministers of the word are laborious ones..." - John Gill's Exposition of the Entire Bible "I laboured more...
James J Dougherty

bloood moons and the rapture of the church

03/27/14 11:33:44AM, by James J Dougherty
                                    Blood moons and the rapture of the church               Soon in April, around...
James J Dougherty

On the road rapture presentation

01/25/14 06:50:33PM, by James J Dougherty
                                    On the roadway rapture presentation                Here is a warning...
James J Dougherty

A new rapture presentation

01/09/14 07:26:20PM, by James J Dougherty
                                    A New Rapture warning and presentation   It is a plain and ordinary day- it...

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Randy Ward - My Testimony

Dear Pastors ,DJs , Friend, I am originally from the community of Old Dock, located in rural North Carolina. I was raised at the Boys Home at Lake Waccamaw, North Carolina. I held the honor of All East Track in high...

Patspraze - Praising the Lord with Song

  God Created Music!   All through the Bible you can read about it. God sent the musicians and the singers before the Israelites around the walls of Jericho.  The Book of Psalms is actually a book of songs....

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I Am Back After Several Months Away

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Real Christmas

Real Christmas

Thursday November 27 2008, 2:30 PM
@ 25 .12 2006, Vellatur, India
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When Nothing Else Matters

Artist: Crosstree
Genre: Rock

Elder Randall Ogans Sr. - We Need To Pray

Artist: Alpha 7 Ministries
Genre: Religion & Spirituality


I'm Out of Space - Why - What Can I Do?