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Pastor of Victory Harbor Guitarist for Defender


Location: Kingsport Tennessee
Country: US

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Ken Rich
11/24/08 01:49:42AM @ken-rich:
Wow. That is simply awesome. I grew up listening to Jimmy Hendrix and other legends of rock and to hear that song with Christian lyrics, just made me fall in love with that style all over again. It also proves something I talked about in my book " In Defense of Contemporary Christian Music ". The medium is not the message, it's only the carrier of the message. The ethos of a rock song is not evil in and of itself - it depends on what message is carried by it. The same can be said of classical music, it also has a power to influence people, but that power can be used for good or evil. B.T.W - I could listen to you play lead guitar all day - I'm glad you are on our side. God can use talent like that, in the race to win hearts and minds .


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