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We are the Christian rock band The Word66. We believe that our purpose is to spread the word with our God given abilities through our style of music. Our 1st track is called "On the way to the promise land" inspired by the book of Exodus. We have lyrics on our website to follow along or you can watch the video. This is the 1st track with lots more to follow.


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On The Way To The Promise Land

Artist: The Word66
Genre: Rock
Duration: 00:03:32

This track is inspired by the book of Exodus. We are on a mission to spread the word to all who will hear.

T. Roy Taylor
10/06/20 02:59:51PM @t-roy-taylor:

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T. Roy Taylor
10/03/20 09:15:32AM @t-roy-taylor:

T. Roy Taylor:

Christian Rockers!! Turn up your Volume knob and make sure you're hooked up to some 100 Watt speakers! Cause this band called "The Word66" has some great Christian Rock music! With soaring lead guitar, driving bass guitar, hard beatin' drummer and well sung, meaningful lead vocals that will rock you into the spirit on their song, "On The Way To The Promise Land"! Make sure you don't have neighbors living down below because you will be stompin' your feet to this one and will want to play it loud!!

- T. Roy Taylor, "T. Roy Taylor's Indie Gospel Top 20" 


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