My namn is Tommy and i am a listener from Sweden. I have my own Jamroom-site. I like this Jamroom-site.


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The summer days of beauty in blessedness are come

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05/31/21 01:47:33AM @tommy-radberg:

Swedish folk song
Den blomstertid nu kommer
The summer days of beauty in blessedness are come

Israel Kolmodin 1694


The summer days of beauty 
in blessedness are come. 
The flowers are rejoicing 
to feel the gleaming sun 
in grace arisen brightly 
o'er fields of golden grain 
so warm and all restoring, 
that nature lives again. 


The fragrance of the meadows, 
the planting in the vale, 
the whispers of the forest 
through branches green and hale— 
these wonders all remind us 
how great the stores of wealth 
of Him whose hand has made us, 
who gives us life and health. 


Oh, hear the sparrows praise Him 
who taught them how to sing— 
should not our tongues awaken 
and thank Creation's King? 
My soul, take up the anthem 
with God's rejoicing throng 
and praise the one who gives you 
the lovely summer song. 


O Jesus, noble Savior, 
our source of warmth and light! 
Oh, shed Your rays of mercy, 
our hearts with love ignite. 
When You have set them burning 
with holy love for You, 
then sin and death are buried 
and everything is new. 


My lovely Rose of Sharon, 
come beautify my soul, 
and pour the dew of Zion, 
the grace that makes us whole. 
The Spirit's light refreshes 
uplifting as the dawn, 
and robes my soul in beauty 
as fair as Lebanon. 


Bestow abundant harvest. 
Oh, bless the planted seed, 
that meadows grow abundant 
with wholesome grain we need— 
oh, let us taste the sweetness 
of Your undying Word; 
let blessedness and mercy 
be shining on us, Lord!


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