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Now living in Glovertown NL. Have a little more time to focus on new music. Unfortunately I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s now for just over 2 years but am trusting in Gods unchanging hand. Have purchased studio equipment and gives me much enjoyment. Looking to be more involved with this ministry…


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album: Cant Even Walk
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James Banfield
01/02/19 04:37:19PM @james-banfield:

Hi Wayne, I wanted to let you know .. tha tour Indie /gospel top 20 for JAN 2019 is completed and should be out for FRi-Sat-Sun radio program at 3-4:20 or so  It came in at #8... I just love the Gospel sound of down home.   Thank You for such a nice song.. Blessings   JB    The Indie Gospel Top 20



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