Bible Belt Blues


We are Bible Belt Blues: Original Bentonia blues influenced music with bold, biblically sound lyrics (like you rarely hear in church or on Christian radio these days (Repentance Songs, Salvation Songs, Prayer Songs, Revival Songs (a “Sermon in a Song”). Our sound is fresh and unique mixing a bit of the Bentonia blues with the D & E minor chords, gritty guitar picking, a wailing harmonica, and a bit of 70’s retro all mixed in. Unmistakably bold and often times confrontational in ways that will challenge you to do that very thing you have been putting off doing like finally giving your heart to Christ, forgiving that person who has hurt you so deeply, or living your life like today might be your last. Gutsy, bold lyrics that will catch you off guard saying, “Did I just hear that in a song”? Yes, you did. “It’s time for me to step down from the throne of my own life and give Jesus His rightful place” in “Seeker of My Very Soul” and “I took away Your glory and replaced it with my fame” in “The Glory Belongs To You, Lord” are two examples from our very first album “I’m Not Ashamed To Be A Christian” released on Jan. 5, 2019. We have been taken into the Bill and Kat Radio Family with their syndicated program, The Gospel Blues Hour (20 stations, across 6 genres, and in 4 countries) and had our first radio spin with “Through Christ Who Strengthens Me” on March 3, 2019. We are both humbled and honored to have reached the 47th spot on the RMR (Roots Radio Report) for the Top 50 Christian Albums for the week ending on March 9, 2019. Our second album, which is still unnamed, is scheduled to be released on June 1, 2019. We are actively seeking additional radio stations to play our songs. We pray that you will partner with us to bring the message of hope, repentance, salvation, and revival to the nations through our music. Abundant blessings to you..!! Paula & Harold Vega Vondenstein



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I'm Not Ashamed to Be a Christian

Seeker of My Very Soul