• For a small monthly fee, your free account can become a stand-alone website with advertising, e-commerce, and powerful tools.
    We provide premium services that others charge a small fortune for. Take a look and compare, we give you more for less...

    • All premium accounts come with full e-commerce and a deluxe shopping cart system. You can set-up your own storefront and generate unlimited sales pages, each with customizable SEO, editable space, and product listings. Receipts and accounting records are automatic. An affiliate system that anyone can join, drives sales. Click here to learn more.

    • We have invested in a fast dedicated server to provide the ultimate in speed and reliability. It's expensive to provide hosting of this quality, which is why we only allow 100 MB of space to free accounts. However, subscribers are allotted between 1-10 GB of space with blistering speed, unlimited bandwidth, and rock solid performance.

    • You can have your own domain name mapped to your account (just ask). For example, thisrockrs.com is "white labeled" which removes the network menu and branding. Its content is still hosted by us and lists on the network's pages, bringing one-way traffic back to that site. They promote their own domain and brand, yet all of our tools and advertising still work for them. 

    • All subscribed accounts come with priority support. That means guaranteed responses to support tickets and phone consultations for those who prefer a more personal touch.

    • Subscribed artists receive advertising in our best ad space, on top of our main network pages. The system rotates the advertising every five minutes, with featured artists and content linked for one click access. Also, if you supply the graphics, you will receive ads that can link external sites or products and appear in various network locations via Eagle Ads. You can also submit short promos to our radio station. This is in addition to a staggering amount of social media connectivity and inclusion in our community RSS feeds. Watch this video to learn more.

    • Some premium account types are listed below, if you don't see something that suits your needs, a special account can be created. Please use the contact form if you have questions.


    Artists (bands, performers, singers, songwriters)

    Pro Artist

    Full eccomerce with shopping cart, 1 GB of fast dedicated server space, up to 500 MB file upload size, advanced HTML enabled, unlimited pages, native audio/visual support and many account features unlocked. Priotity support. No advertising or domain mapping.

    (USD $3.00 Monthly)


    Gold Artist

    Similar to a Pro Artist account but space is doubled to 2 GB and advertising is included. Featured ads, along with one free Eagle Ad (you supply graphic) and an active 15-second radio promo (you supply file). 1 GB file upload size, most account features unlocked including domain mapping (you supply domain).

    (USD $5.00 Monthly)


    Platinum Artist

    Comes with all the features of the Gold account but with two free Eagle Ad promotions (you supply graphics, a 30-second radio promo (you supply file), 4 GB of fast dedicated server space for your files, and ALL account features unlocked. Free domain name and mapping.

     (USD $10.00 Monthly)



    Members (fans, ministries, non-artists)

    Pro Member

    Support for unlimited blogging, images, discussions, comments, groups, tagging, rating, and 25 custom pages. Simultaneous status updates to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Fast import tools for youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud. and Flickr. Integrated shopping cart with unlimited sales. 1 GB of fast dedicated server space, advanced HTML enabled. Not for artists - no native audio/visual support or advertising.

     (USD $3.00 Monthly)



    Producer (producers, managers, labels)


    4 GB of server space, file uploads up to 1 GB. One Eagle Ad included (you supply graphic). One 15 sec radio ad (you supply file). Create up to 5 Artist profiles with ecommerce and advertising. All account features unlocked and includes free domain name.

     (USD $10.00 Monthly)




    The same features as a Promoter account but the server space is increased to 10 GB and up to 25 artist accounts can be created. Plus advertising is increased to three 15-second and one 30 sec radio promos, 5  Eagle Ad promotions, including a front page HTML5 ad. One manager, rep, producer, or small label owner can then have administrative control of their client's accounts, plus enjoy a bulk discount rate. If this is not suitable for your needs, ask for a custom quote.

     (USD $25.00 Monthly)