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The 3ABN Pastoral Staff rejoices over the opportunity to talk to and pray with you when you call our “Prayer Line.” It is our desire to assist you by meeting as many of your spiritual needs as possible.

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Only Believe † All Things Are Possible...

Duration: 00:04:10
As memory serves, I wrote this one in 2004. I know I performed it live a few times in 2004. I really enjoy this song. Hope you do too. Here are the lyrics:

Some things aren't the way they seem
some things are
Some things seem easy
other things seem so hard

I don't believe in what I see, hear or feel
I believe God's word, only He is true and real

All things are possible, to them that believe
I can do all things,
through Christ who strengthens me

Peter walked on water,
when his eyes were on the Lord
he sank right away
when he put his eyes on the storm
Ken Rich
05/22/08 06:31:45PM @ken-rich:
Nice job - heartfelt.
02/20/09 01:02:22AM @annie:
thahks so much brother, for this word they have remaided me that i can anthing i set my mind in and God is in control . God bless .


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