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Our hearts are called to minister to the "bruised reeds and smoldering wicks" of life through music. Many of our songs are wrapped around themes of limitless grace and God's relentless pursuit of the lost, the broken, the weary, and the prodigals. Artists from all over the world including Australia, Ireland, Finland, even Israel, have recorded our songs. Stateside Indies also include – Trish Standley, Chad Boswell, The Dayspring Trio and many, many more. We have been selected as winners in the SONG OF THE YEAR & Contemporary Christian Songwriters' contests several times.


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Even So, I Believe

album: River of Time
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Even So, I Believe
James Banfield
10/04/18 03:47:49PM @james-banfield:

I was  listening  to several songs trying to find my last song for the Top20 and ran across "even soi" WOW! 1/3 into it I knew I'd found the 4th song.. as I was enterng it in the playlist The Song hit the Acappella key change it liked to sent my spirit crazy! .. So I went back and listened to it again.. yep.. incredible... So I wanted to let you all know that tomorrow on Indie Gospel Radio at 3PM The New Top Fpr OCT will debut and "Even So, I Believe"   will  hit at #17..Congrats...WOW  James  Top 20 Indie Gospel Chart


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