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 "The Indie Gospel Top 20 Chart by JB is official! 1 Jan 2016! ... these are the artists in the Indie Gospel Network that have songs loaded on their pages that you can hear. You can also "background" the Indie Gospel Top 20 playlist while surfing as well ... pretty cool.. thank You all for your prayers! Enjoy listening to Indie Gospel;s Top 20 Chart!  In Him, James


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Throne Rock with James Banfield

Duration: 00:08:53
A sabbatical visit to "Throne Rock" in Bodega Bay, Calif. with James Banfield, who flies the Jehovah Nissi Banner over different states in the USA and countries. It has been flown over many states and even over India. All songs copyright James Banfield. Filmed by wife Marty Banfield
James Banfield
04/10/10 03:31:58PM @james-banfield:
Our first video/film attempt...sound a little rough, but we have come along way since then, lol...
Ken Rich
04/10/10 03:38:43PM @ken-rich:
Great opening song, it's too bad that distortion got in there somehow. The rest is really nice, touching theme, and the banner song at the end is awesome - loved it.


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