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I am a gospel artist and #1 on I am a songwriter as well but most of all I AM SAVED BY THE GRACE OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST. I was raised in a family of country music but my heart was always for Gospel music. The Lord has given me the gift of writing and singing songs for him and his kingdom. He has taught me how to record and produce my own music. My hope and prayer is to help lead others to Christ and uplift and encourage them thru their trials and tribulations with these songs with a message. God Bless.

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James Banfield
06/03/17 01:11:10AM @james-banfield:

6/2/17   I just found out about you thru "Songbird Cindy" so I did some tracking and found your songs.. I love the Song "One Pair of Hands" it reminds of a song that came out in the early 60's but this song about the Lord is perfect.. but we just Launched June's Top today.. so I have a list of pending songs for the Chart.. this goes there for sure.... Blessings Joesph.  Really good stuff   JB    indie Gospel's Top 20 Chart....  

Joseph Greco
06/04/17 04:35:31PM @joseph-greco:

Thank you brother. I M DEEPLY TOUCHED you enjoyed the song. Cindy Tilkens is also my favorite female gospel artist as well but then again there are so many wonderful artist it is really hard to pick just one. I am honored to be on your Radio station. God bless my friend.


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