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I am a singer and musician. I play in the bands Lordchain, Step Cousin and Search For Sight. I host an internet radio show twice a week, I am married, work full time and I am visually impaired.

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Lost In The Sand

album: See You Around
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Lost In The Sand
James Banfield
10/25/17 08:38:04PM @james-banfield:

Kelly  could you post a picture in your profile it comes up when the song is playing on the player.. thank you.....  JB

James Banfield
10/25/17 08:30:57PM @james-banfield:

Although this song was loaded up a couple of years ago it never was on the Chart... and so .. for the month of Nov 2017.. it enters the Chart at #18 ... Yes we are still doing the Indie Gospel Top 20 Chart during the month... to get the Blogs on the Indie Gospel Top 20 Monthly Chart and the notes for the Radio Show (Fri-Sat-Sun from 3p, - 4:30Pm you  should click on follow me  (James Banfield)  Welcome to the Chart Kelly


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