Kelly Matthews


I am a singer and musician. I play in the bands Lordchain, Step Cousin and Search For Sight. I host an internet radio show twice a week, I am married, work full time and I am visually impaired.


Location: Caruthersville, MO
Zipcode: 63830
Country: US


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Lost In The Sand

album: See You Around
genre: CCM
streams: 70

Lost In The Sand
James Banfield
06/27/18 01:13:06AM @james-banfield:

Kelly Matthews  could you stop by your page at Indie Gospel and update you page... we need a profile pic for the #1 song of July 2018.. "Lost in the Sand" ... please acknowledge.. lthank you....  Indie Gospel Top 20  

James Banfield
06/16/18 02:41:52PM @james-banfield:

And now July 1, 2018 it has made #1... but please upload your picture or album cover because when it plays it shows the cover picture during the playing of the Song... Thank You and again Congratulations!  In Him   JB  (James)


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