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I like to encourage all believers to watch my video, called Are You A Saved Or An Unsaved Believer? and to examine themselves to see if they are in the faith.


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The Two Wolves

Duration: 00:02:59
"I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life." (Deu. 30:19)
James J Dougherty
01/23/13 12:07:27PM @james-j-dougherty:

excellent message here using the wolves to represent the Spirit and the good, and our own flesh, and its evil desires. I agree we must keep dying to our desires of our own flesh and it is a constant battle, for our evil flesh is VERY pushy! Praise the Lord and thank you for sharing this

Mick Alexander
01/23/13 06:03:16PM @mick-alexander:

Yes, the flesh is pushy, to say the least. Thanks for your comment James.


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