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Growing up playing drums in the bars eventually giving my life to Christ has given me a unique prospective on life that I love to share through song and testimony. The styles of music you will hear on one CD keeps you from having to search the radio or find another CD in order to satisfy the need for something different.




Location: Florence, KY
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New attitude

album: One of many branches
genre: Gospel
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New attitude
10/30/18 08:39:08PM @thebannistersmusic:

Hey Mike,  this is my new 5 o'clock favorite.  Keep the songs coming.  Sharon

Mike Abrams
12/16/14 11:05:11AM @mike-abrams:

We all need each other to help us maintain balance in life. Everyone struggles with something. When our friends are in tune, often times they will call or text or email letting us know they are praying for us, and that my friends gives us....a new attitude!


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