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Putting the pieces of a studio together would not be an easy task, with the hopes of getting the music in film and in TV, also having plans of being a Foley artist is very intriguing. Can’t help it, every day it does provide a new adventure.

Doing it all is not easy, the writing, editing, the mixing, storyboards for videos, artwork and all that entails. Researching and targeting promotional websites and the uploading and maintaining, editing of found websites, there is a learning curve, in each one of them.

Songwriting can be so much fun, the gathering of ideas for a song, is like being a detective. Becoming more observant, to the world around you. For instance, an elevator gave several ideas, similarities in the ups and downs in life, became a positive song for the Dream Come True album I hope to release soon.

You can find, all kinds of things to springboard your imagination in all kinds of areas, sometimes only seeing someone with a blank stare, and wondering why they’re looking out a window, at a coffee shop, with zero expression on their face, concluding what they must be thinking about. . Are they overwhelmed with what all they have to do that day, or is it a heartbreaking tragic story that is leaving them numb.

You may be so off-base as to what is really going on with this person. You may even find yourself, being more sensitive to their feelings, and you’ll find your hellos are more genuine.

 In either case, the positive effect of so many ideas start to flow, it’s like, becoming your own director in a mini movie. And what a thrill that can be, watching it all unfold, into a song that never existed before….


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Cindderella · Paula J Laird

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