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We are the Mays family--Michael and Joy Mays and our 6 children: Jacob 13, Natalie 11, Elena 10, Caroline 6, Jonathan 4, and Chloe 6 months.

Michael is a talented and professionally trained tenor vocalist. He writes music and is leading his family to follow the Lord's calling in Concert Ministry.

Joy is an accomplished pianist, author and song writer as well as wife, mother, and home schooling mom. We, together, seek to connect people- believers as well as non-believers-- to Jesus Christ.

Our children, 3 of which sing with us at this time, are excited as well to see how God will bless and yearn to draw people to Jesus through our music. We would love to be engaged at your church, event, health facility or other venue to present Jesus in music and song. You can read more about us on our website.

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Worthy of the Name

album: Jesus: He is Enough
genre: Christian
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O Jesus Christ, the worthy Lamb of God,
once sacrificed in payment for our sin;
Your dying breath has given us new life,
and brought the peace of God to reign within.

So You are worthy, Savior,
worthy of the name bestowed by God on His Son!
All power and glory and blessing evermore
be ascribed to the Lamb upon the throne.

Creator of the world before all time;
Conductor of the rhythms of the earth,
Exalted high, You made Yourself like man,
our spirits to awaken with new birth.


My Prophet, Priest, and King, my Savior reigns--
the King of righteousness, and King of peace;
The holy Word of God, to all men giv'n;
Your spotless Sacrifice and my High Priest.


Through His great name alone salvation comes,
now giving life and healing to the soul;
Still granting grace and making me His child,
and washing sins away to make me whole.


Words by Joy Mays; music by Michael Mays.
©2015 Mays Music Ministries. All rights reserved.

Worthy of the Name


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