Praise Radio


I am Byron Fester the station manager of Praise Radio. Please contact me to get on the air. Thank-you.



The live request in Praise Radio is in Real Time. Click the Play List and Request Button. In the page that opens, search for Artist ( By First Name ) in Alphabetical order, by clicking on the letters in the library.

Then click on Request button for the song. Only 2 songs per Hour and not from same Artist


02/27/21 05:33:56PM @valleygirl52:

Sat Feb 27, 2021--you appear to be OFFLINE since before 1pm CST-- cannot request ANY song from any artist--screen is either blank or sometimes says Request Fail...

Barbara Morgan Hot Springs, AR  3:02pm CST

Roger Todd
11/07/18 08:44:58AM @roger-todd:

We seem to have problems submitting our request. Some times it’s as much as 3 to 4 hours before we can repost. At the same time, many of our friends have said that they can never get one of our songs requested. We see that the top songs are getting far more request than we and our followers are ever able to get accepted. Not sure if there may be a problem, but would sure appreciate if you might check it out. We sent people here, then they tell us that their request are denied. Really love Praise Radio, and appreciate you all so much. Thank you, and Blessings to you.


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