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I am Byron Fester the station manager of Praise Radio. Please contact me to get on the air. Thank-you.



The live request in Praise Radio is in Real Time. Click the Play List and Request Button. In the page that opens, search for Artist ( By First Name ) in Alphabetical order, by clicking on the letters in the library.

Then click on Request button for the song. Only 2 songs per Hour and not from same Artist


Trevor Toews
12/04/21 05:22:26PM @trevor-toews:

Greetings in Jesus' name brother B.

I was informed by Fred Riedel that there is a song of his that is on your site.

When you can, would you please remove that song "Over the Rainbow With You?"

I must have over-looked it when I send it to you.

He wrote this song for his wife, but then she died.

It is a very personal matter to him. ;)

Thanks brother.

Trev <):)

02/27/21 05:33:56PM @valleygirl52:

Sat Feb 27, 2021--you appear to be OFFLINE since before 1pm CST-- cannot request ANY song from any artist--screen is either blank or sometimes says Request Fail...

Barbara Morgan Hot Springs, AR  3:02pm CST


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