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I am Byron Fester the station manager of Praise Radio. Please contact me to get on the air. Thank-you.





Randy Green Sr

Just Turn Right and go Straight 

Heather Thomas Van Deren

"What Love Means" with Heather Thomas Van Deren Published on Mar 12, 2018 Christian Music Artist Heather Thomas Van Deren explains how this series of Salvation...

Radio Links

Indie Gospel Radio - is the house radio of the Indie Gospel network and features network members exclusively. It also carries some live DJ shows and spoken word sermon programming, as well as one minute...

Request Rules

Requests go to the top of the queue to be played next. Your request will play when the currently playing song or show finishes. Requests succeed or fail according to a set of rules (shown below). These allow...

White River

In the late summer of 1985 Gene Reasoner, Bruce Haynes and Benny Wood got together to rehearse for the first time. The three men had been considering a move back into full-time Gospel music and decided to see what...

Heltman Sisters

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Praise Radio has grown it's listener base to the point where bandwidth costs are becoming too much for one person to handle. Please donate to keep us on the air. Thank-you so much for helping us spread the Gospel...


The live request in Praise Radio is in Real Time. Click the Play List and Request Button. In the page that opens, search for Artist ( By First Name ) in Alphabetical order, by clicking on the letters in the library....

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