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"As A Small Town Southern Girl, I am a PISTOL!  I am a singer/song writer who Answered God's Call! Most people live an active life, but I lived in Active Anxiety.  The source of Most My Heart Issues; CONTROL!  I felt so overwhelmed sometimes, it literally hurt to breathe!  I had many heartaches & pain; but through an unconventional "Act of Faith, In VEGAS"; Gave Up Control!  I answered God's Call & His plan started taking shape! My Call Was To Sing & This sparked the Impact of Obedience! ​ When I Obeyed, I can tell you that my Heart Felt Light for the first time in my adult life.  If you have placed your relationship with God On Hold; because of Fear, Anxiety or Anger; I Pray that by sharing my struggles & journey to Answer My Call & Launch Impact of Obedience, you are encouraged to take Your Leap Of Faith & Obey Your Call!"


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There's Gonna Be Talk

By Andrea Dawn, 2017-05-18
There's Gonna Be Talk

There's Gonna Be Talk!  Who Are You Listening Too?  No Matter what we do in life, there is someone willing to give input about the choices you made!  People are quick to share their opinion of your decisions, whether it is; raising children, religion, politics, clothes, friends, economics, your character!  No Matter the item: Here's THE THING; There's Gonna Be Talk- So Who Are You Listening Too?

Are you anchored in your Faith & Listening To God?  Are You Tuned Into Him & Listening/Waiting for His Call on Your Heart?  If you have been Saved by the Grace of God, you should be leaning into Him, Listening For Him in your life? 

People are going to judge & talk about you no matter what.  Some may say you are crazy, not a good parent, friend or person; however, You Answer To God!  So Let Them Talk!  If You are Tuned Into God & Know that you are on His Path for Your Heart & Life, No One Can Break That.  Don't let Others Talk You Out Of Your Calling, Your Peace, Your Hope, Your Joy of Resting In God!  We don't always understand their motivations or issues; maybe they are scared you will not be their friend if you change, worried you will leave them behind, jealous of your success.  Just PRAY!  Pray that God will Guard Your Calling, Heart, Mind & Strength So You Are ABLE To LISTEN TO HIM!  Pray for others, so God will help them through issues or open their heart to support you. 

Listen To God & Let Them Talk!  Because -- There's Always Gonna BE TALK..........

Author: Andrea Dawn, Impact of Obedience


By Andrea Dawn, 2017-03-08

A Change Of View; In my lifetime, I was very fortunate to have parents who exposed us to many learning opportunities about Christianity in different formats; preaching; evangelical teaching, singing & music. We were not church hoppers, we belonged to a church; however my parents understood that Sometimes A Change Of View Opens an avenue for God to speak & relate to your heart or for your heart to be more Open To Him!

These experiences allowed me to form a deeper understanding of my own relationship with God.

He spoke to my heart in many ways & I learned to listen for him. I spent over 15 years out of church, for many reasons we won't explore today. He never left me! I was saved at an early age & God Loved me through difficulties in life to bring me back to Him!

I am continuing the tradition, allowing my children to experience avenues for deeper understanding in their relationship with God; church camps, different churches/music/teaching techniques all rooted in God's Word! We enjoyed our time at Branches in Loveland Sunday.  Very different service than I grew up with as a Bible Belt Baptist but Rooted in The Bible & learning to defend God's Word.

So share with your kids. Experience a different view occasionally & allow new experiences to deepen your relationship with God, pray, study, start your own women's group & Dig Deeper!

If your Seeking Him-You Will Find Him!

Author:  Andrea Dawn, IMPACT OF OBEDIENCE 

Do You Deserve My Prayers

By Andrea Dawn, 2017-03-04
Do You Deserve My Prayers

When we criticize others, are we sending a much deeper message?    

Are we saying; Your not good enough!  Your opinion isn't important!  I'm better than you!  

My Sin isn't as bad as yours!  You Don't Deserve My Prayer....

Is It Our job to Judge or Love others?  I have been guilty myself of this very thing; but as I experience more in life, I further understand that We Don't Know Someone's Heart.  We can't see The Trials God Has Put Them In or Brought Them Through & We Are Not An Adequate Judge Of Sin.   

Before we Speak/Type/Express Ourselves- Ask; What Damage Am I Doing To This Person & Others Who See/Hear/Witness Me Criticize?  What Do You Believe They Think Of YOU?  I would think what I think of myself when I am Guilty- Hypocrite, Some Christian I Am, What a Bad Example I am, I showed No Love & Grace to them, Who Am I To Judge Them?

God is the Only One who really knows a persons' Heart, Intent, Pain, Suffering, Trials & Deepest Burdens.  Instead of Judging we should Pray Well for others.  I Closed My Heart For Many Years & I am certainly a Work In Progress; but when I find My Heart Sick with Judgement I Try To Focus & Pray.   

What will you Tell God By The Way?  That They didn't Deserve Your Prayers?  After All; He sent Jesus, His Only Son To Died For Us & We Didn't Deserve That.  Yet, He Did It-Because He Loved Us! Jesus Had A Choice & So Do We.  He Hated Sin & Loved Each Sinner!  

So, Pray. We All Deserve & Need Prayer.  And if you can't pray for others, Pray For Your Heart To Open & Love Others- Because God Loves You!  

Author: Andrea Dawn, Impact of Obedience

What does it mean to Answer God's Call in your life?  Does it mean you should do everything you think has good purpose or do everything suggested to you?  No!  Don't Be Fooled & Pulled Away From Your Purpose!  Being Busy With Good Things Is Good, But Focusing On Your Purpose Is Key!  

I am talking about A Calling That Is In YOU!  It Has Always Been There!  It Speaks to You Everyday & Is a part of Your Heart Deep Down Inside that touches you in that Quiet Place.   This Call will move you toward God & that doesn't mean it will be Easy! 

How Do You Find Your Calling?  Pray, Spend Time in God's Word, Listen.  God's Not Going To Hide Your Calling From You!  Serving our purpose in life to Bring God Glory, Is Why We Are Here!

If You Search & Look with That In Mind, God Will Bring You Clarity Of Purpose.  If You already know what it is, but Fear Freezes you- We will talk about Fear coming up! 

For Now: Listen To Him-"Be Still & Know That I Am God" Psalm 46:10. 

It Can Be Big or Small but It Is Your Call!  Will You Answer?