Biography Goldstreet Worship is a christian musical band that seeks to draw vocalist from around the world to lead and worship The Lord Jesus by inspiring the body of Christ with spiritual songs, psalms, anthems, hymns, praise and worship music. Songwriters Mr. and Mrs Glover are inspired by the Holy spirit for the purpose of this assignment. This group started in UK Nottingham in January 2016 with a family of 4 . Mr. and Mrs. Glover who are ministers at RCCG Rehoboth House, UK and their 2 children Lois Glover age 12 and Lexine Glover 9 years old, who are talented instrumentalist. As time went on other vocalist were inspired to join the group and in April 2018 their first EP (EXTENDED PLAY) 'RADIANCE OF HIS PRESENCE' Led by lead vocalist Benard Franklyn was officially launched, with great success in UK. Playlist 1.God is Alive: Feat. Margaret Osei 2.The Battle Is The Lord's Feat. Benard Franklyn 3.Come Holy Spirit- Feat. Bernard Franklyn 4.Beautiful Jesus- Feat. All lead Vocalists. 5.How Great Is Your Favour feat.Bernard Franklyn. Executive Producer: Foster Glover - Pianist and Sound composer( Goldstreet Worship) Copyright Holders: Irene Attrams Glover & Goldstreet Worship Song writers: 1.God is Alive - Irene Attrams Glover 2. The battle is the Lord's - Irene Attrams Glover 3.Come Holy Spirit - Foster Glover 4. Beautiful Jesus - Irene Attrams Glover 5. How Great Is Your Favour- Foster Glover and Irene Attrams Glover.


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Get into the presence of God with these amazing tunes by Goldstreet Worship.



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