Tina Jenkins Crawley


Bold. Unapologetically impassioned. These words are mere descriptors for the spirited powerhouse vocalist that is Tina Jenkins Crawley​. With a sweet soprano voice and a sincerity that shines through her music, Tina​ has been gifted with something truly special. Influenced by multiple genres with a skill to execute any one of them flawlessly, she has been hitting the ground running since her breakout in 2000. Offering jazz-inspired and undeniably gospel messages through her indomitable voice, stirring lyrics and remarkable music, Tina is staking her claim in the Inspirational Music world. Her debut release, The Longest Journey, not only introduces her as vocalist extraordinaire, but an up-and-coming force to be reckoned with in the Gospel music world."


Location: Chicago, IL
Zipcode: 60644
Country: US

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Ken Rich
03/18/14 05:56:09PM @ken-rich:

Welcome to the network...

Indie Gospel Artists

03/18/14 09:56:48PM @seeking-my-remnant-entertainment:

I have enjoyed your music on the reverbnation site. I will be getting in contact with you to invite you to be one of several guests on the ARTMAG RADIO NETWORK.


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