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Ramona Andreacchi - Great is Thy Faithfulness

Category: Music
Duration: 00:03:18
Fourteen years ago a precious pastor, and friend, paid my way into a recording studio so that he could invest into God's call in my life. Our goal was to put a demo CD consisting of 3 songs into ministerial packages that I would be presenting to churches. A few days prior to recording, I developed a severe case of painful strep throat. By the day of recording I could scarcely talk, let alone sing. Trusting God, we did not cancel the session. Well, you can hear the strain in my voice and excessive vibrato that compensated for the rawness in my vocal chords. But it truly was a miracle that these songs were completed.
I want to honour this investment and declare that a seed planted in good soil is never wasted. It springs forth and blooms in the fullness of its time


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