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Fred Riedel - The River Flowed

Category: Entertainment
Duration: 00:04:05
Words and Music By Fred Riedel Kim Riedel Rory Riedel - LYRICS- The River flowed fresh and pure, from God's hand, Giving new life throughout all his land, Abundance for the thirsty, Plenty for the dry, All life was satisfied, Praises we're their cry. The River slowed down, some places it was dry, spots we're shallow and muddy, life began to die, People we're thirsty, The land was cracked and fried, No one was satisfied, Anger was their cry, What happened to that River, that once flowed so great so strong, was God stopping it, or we're the people in the wrong. some blamed God and tried to fix things on their own, Damming up the river causing more pain at home, Others began to pray, For God to help them see, God showed them in their hearts, their pride and unbelief, Then they humbly asked forgiveness for their sinful ways, and the River broke free, and started flowing again, Do you believe God's river can flow fresh again


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