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I Know You're With Me

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:58
Brothers and Sisters, every day we fight the fight and sometimes the struggle seems to be more than we can handle. We don't have to do it alone, Heavenly Father is there for us, don't ever give up.
At times it may seem that you're fighting alone but He's always there when you ask Him to be. Remember, there are times when He sends the help we ask for in the form of a friend, a stranger, a mother, a father, a pastor or one of hundreds of different ways; you are not alone!
This song is dedicated to us and the fight we share to be a righteous and good person. Never give up....

Thank you to the best crew ever and for them sharing my passion!
Thank you to Reverend Jon Faraone and the congregation of the Center Presbyterian Church for graciously allowing us to film at their church.
Thank you to the folks at the Hiwassee General Store for allowing us access to the Hiwassee Community building.
Thank you to Quinton and Andrea Davisson for sharing their beautiful farm with us.
Special thanks to Tracey Waldrop (the Man In The Window) for lending us his excellent acting skills!
A very special thank you to Charlie Holbrook, his excellent editing skills and compassion for a struggling artist!

Producer/Director: Danny Hébert
Associate Director: Al Covell
Videographer/Drone Pilot: Kevin DeSha
Grip/Transportation Manager: Phillip Waltz
Photographer: Kay Hébert
Editor: Charlie Holbrook
Man in the Window: Tracey Waldrop


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