The Sound of Hope


A project to fund orphans

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Where Funds Go!

The Sound of Hope was created exclusively from Indie Gospel member content. The artists waived their royalties by contract. The production work was donated by the network founder Ken Rich and by  E. Pettersen  who was one of the artists and a marketing expert. Mastering was supplied by another artist Gary Weldon Sr.  

The only cost was actually stamping, packaging, and shipping the CDs from the Disc Makers facility.

At around the time this project was being finalized, a partnership was formed with WAAOM  and they were initially allowed to process the funds for their charity efforts. Enough came in to cover the production costs almost immediately but not much thereafter.

Later, Indie Gospel dissolved its partnership with WAAOM because of differences of opinion on how WAAOM should be structured, spend its funds and make staffing decisions.

Since then,  Childcare Worldwide   received, $25.68 USD from digital sales through CD Baby for their " Where Most Needed " program (receipt attached). Free promotion in our ad rotators was given to them as well.

However, the program's funds and advertising space are now being used for  Mission Africa  to help fund small Ministries on the ground in Uganda and Kenya. Thanks for your support.

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