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    To submit songs for radio play, just join Indie Gospel (if you haven't already) and upload your songs under your audio tab. It's free and easy.

    Having the radio library and network's song database in sync, creates a tremendous advantage for artists. You and your songs will become searchable, requestable, and saleable (artist keeps 100%) right from the radio page, not just the "on demand" players and playlists of the network.

    Make sure you take the time to label your songs properly in the upload form. Fill all blanks and attach the image (album art), or they will be screened out of radio play and promotional lists.

    Follow FAQ #7 for upload procedures. Your songs will be instantly available in our on demand players and playlists, but it may take some time before your songs appear in the radio library.

    The library runs from a separate database which is usually synced (updated) with new network songs twice a month. Got questions - contact us.