The Sound of Hope


A project to fund orphans

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One of Many Branches

album: The Sound of Hope
genre: CCM
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One of Many Branches
James Banfield
08/13/15 09:19:21AM @james-banfield:

8/13/15 ... There is a lot to be said about the Sound of Hope project.Album.  I gotta tell you all, This album is so good I'd put it against any other album and its because of the love, volunteerism of the participants that donated their time, music, royalities, just to make this available to the public. The Cause? its not personal although the rewards are indeed personal and can never be taken away. These children are real. Please listen to this Top 10 for real... The songs are great with real meaning and focus.  the Number 1 Song? "One of Many Branches" by MIke Abrams is definitely in its right place in the Top 10 on Indie Gospel Artists! Awesome Top 10 Ken... well done

08/13/15 12:57:34PM @indiegospel:

Thanks James - it is indeed a very nice album and I remember the first time I heard this particular song I was just "shocked" at the qualtity and the depth. I was literly stunned - yes more stunned than usual - lol...


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