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We are a label and singer/songwriters. We have over 700 songs in Library of Congress and about over 70 produced and playing around the world. Our mission is to follow the Lord in what He would have us to do.


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His Name is Jesus

album: Calvary
genre: Christian country
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His Name is Jesus
marty denton
03/17/17 11:30:54AM @marty-denton:

In 1981 I didn't know much about the word of God and how it applies to your life. I had been raised in church but had lived most of my life running from it. When I surrendered my life to Jesus, I knew one thing and that was the most important thing for me at that moment, His name was Jesus. It was Him who delivered me, it was Him who set me free, it was there in His name. Every promise I needed was in that precious name. "His Name is Jesus" oh what a glorious day when we can say, thank you Lord Jesus.


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