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A veteran musician of more than a half-century, primarily as an instrumentalist and songwriter, Lee Schappell first stepped onto a stage in 1959, as a guest guitarist in a backup band. More than a half-century later, Lee has exchanged that rock’n’roll hairdo for flowing, snow-white locks, although the raw, rural juices still flow through his music today.

Lee’s early influences were Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, and that entire Sam Phillips Sun Record Company family of artists, such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich, and Bill Riley. Later influences on his music creation included Carole King, Phil Spector, and Leon Russell.

Lee did enjoy a brief “cup of coffee” (yes, it was decaffeinated!) with Cameo Records in 1961, as LeRoy & His Rockin’ Fellers, before a most memorable and fortuitous encounter with Chocolate Chip Cookie icon Wally “Famous” Amos, who was at that time a representative of the William Morris Agency, during which Mr. Amos offered Lee some sage, sound advice, which resulted in a major course correction in Lee’s life, placing him on a path that would eventually lead to a comfortable home in Country Gospel music.

Following stints with various local country and folk Gospel groups and individuals artists, Lee formed “The New Earth Band” in 2006, and began cooking up that down-home brand of loose-and-easy, organic, raw-boned, retro-Country-Gospel music, that has become his signature.

In reality, The New Earth Band’s music is entirely about the Gospel message that’s embedded in the heart of each song. Lee’s focus is on carrying God’s incredibly good news of rescue and redemption in Jesus Christ to a judgment-bound world that is now reeling and rocking like a drunken sailor. So, taste The New Earth Band's music and see for yourself - enjoy and share it!

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The Last Kamikaze

album: The Last Kamikaze
genre: Country Gospel
streams: 10

The Last Kamikaze (Lee Schappell)  C

 Copyright 2010  Little Buford Music ASCAP


When the plan falls thru and the debt comes due

     gotta dig a little deeper inside

God will make you bold, give you courage untold

     with 10,000 angels on your side

On a half-wrecked ship, when you’re losing your grip

     and it’s staring at you square in the eye

When it’s all on the line and it’s gut-check time

     just crank it up and let it fly


(Chorus 1)

I don’t want to be the last to step up

     as we teeter on the edge of time

I don’t want to miss the call to be counted

     and pass up on the moment to shine

I just want to be the last Kamikaze

     I’m ripped and ready for the attack

And one way or another, gonna get it done, brother

     ‘cause it’s certain that there’s no turning back


Now leave your toys and distractions

     and with the redeemed take your stand

The hour is late, Heaven’s power is great

     and the Kingdom of God is at hand

So take up the Sword of the Spirit

     and put on God’s armor for war

There’s no other way but to join in the fray

     ‘cause God can’t drive a parked car


(Chorus 2)

I don’t want to be the one to surrender

     when my back is up against the wall

In a sideways slide, on a one-way ride

     you know you’ve gotta give it your all

I just want to be the last Kamikaze

     I’m fearless and I’m raring to fly

I’ve got the pedal to the metal, got the fire in the kettle

          And it’s settled that I’ll do it or die





We'll stand with the saints of all ages at the trumpet's final call

Every knee’s gonna bow, every tongue will confess that

Jesus isLord over all

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The Last Kamikaze


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