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About Ann M. Wolf: She is a Multi-lingual Songwriter & Recording Indie Artist that composes & sings in a wide variety of genres, from Blues to Bluegrass; but no matter the style, she always offers a message of Hope, Healing, Unity & Redemption. Read more about Ann's recordings.

Songwriting & Performing: Ann has been writing, recording & performing her own spiritually-based music & narrations for over four decades. She has been a solo or contributing artist on over 20 albums. She has performed in special events, music venues, conferences & honor ceremonies over the years as well as having had the leading roles of Mary & Mary Magdalene in theatrical productions, both in the USA & in Europe. Read more Bio.

A Voice for Freedom: Currently Ann is devoted to composing, writing, speaking & singing about two kinds of Freedom, the first being the Freedom we gain for our soul via our personal relationship with God. The second is Liberty of Life which has been made possible by our Constitution and sustained by those who have served in harm's way from the inception of our nation. Read about Ann's artist/speaker presentations.


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ABOUT VIDEO: In this version, soothing & inspiring words are narrated by Ann M. Wolf to a background of moving orchestrations which will take you on a journey of discovery, exploring the vision behind the elements which comprise our Beautiful American Flag.

ABOUT THIS VERSION: Ann recognizes that there are a few different interpretations of the meaning of the Stars & Stripes available and depending on one's views, faith, or point of reference, each ceremony whether spiritual or civic, offers valuable perspective. This narration/version is a compilation of commentary about our Flag offered by East TN Civic Groups & Honor Guards with added editorial & creative remarks by Ann M. Wolf. The author of the original script concept is unknown.

Special thanks to Rochelle Clayton Cordova & Woodmen of the World for their perspective.

This video is not for sale & can be streamed on a non-profit basis for personal use or public enrichment.


Musical Score is written, arranged, performed & produced by Tracy Collins.

Images are from what the artist believes are public domain or free/image sources to include the following photographers from Pixabay & Pexels:
Mark Thomas, Relentless
Jackie Williamson, Tookapic
D William, CBC Industries
Clarence Alford, Beverly Lussier
Daniel Hadman, Shonda Ranson
The Belgian Nomad, Wynn Pointaux
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Original content by Ann M. Wolf or Tracy Collins
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T. Roy Taylor
06/10/21 05:21:34PM @t-roy-taylor:

Thank you for sharing this about our flag Ann. Very informative.

06/10/21 06:40:55PM @ann-m-wolf:

Hello Roy! Thank you for your remark & yes, we do thank those who have given so much to keep Liberty alive.


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